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Two Centuries ago the Velocipede changed the world.
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Update The museum is in transition and is no longer at 1313 Binz.    The   artifacts   are   in   storage   and   awaiting   another   exhibition   apace.     The   last   days   of   leaving   our   first   exhibition   space   was   hectic,   and sad   to   pack   the   stories,   the   bikes   knowing   they   were   headed   to storage and not to another space. The   exhibition   spaces   in   the   area   and   even   those   further   afield, are beyond the budget. Currently    a    space    walking    distance    to    the    museums    is    being considered   for   January   occupancy,   with   80%   less   space!   With   a larger budget this space could be half the size of the previous. Anyone know of space available? The   fall   months   have   major   changes    to   the   existence   of   the Houston Bicycle Museum. October   1,   the   museum   must   vacate   our   home   of   the   last   4   years   as   it is   being   demolished   for   the   Holocaust   Museum   expansion   as   of   now,   the vacate day has been extended to October 31. Our    current    traffic    has    allowed    us    to    make    the    previous    rent ($1250/month),   but   our   budget   never   anticipated   the   rents   we   are   now finding.      To   remain   viable,   we   must   be   interesting   enough   to   draw visitors,   and   therefore   must   maintain   a   minimum   amount   of   floor   space to    cover    enough    historical    variety    of    bicycles,    their    styles,    and technology.   Two   spaces   look   promising,   one   a   mile   away   and   the   other downtown.   (The   downtown   space   is   no   longer   in   consideration   and   the smaller   space   has   given   a   rental   of   $3450   with   $700   more   in   6   months which is totally beyond budget) Any suggestions? Any donated space, exhibit and/or storage? A   smaller   venue   means   we   must   put   some   of   our   exhibits   in   storage   - yet   another   cost.   The   needed   funds   for   the   additional   storage   and move   don't   exist.   These   additional   costs   -   increased,   extra,   or   unseen   - will   be   worsened   by   the   fact   that   after   our   move,   we   will   be   absent from   the   normal   visitor   to   the   Museum   District   that   brought   many   of our    patrons.    Both    spaces    under    consideration    will    be    destination locations.   We   will   need   to   explore   new   methods   to   remain   connected to   you,   our   current   patrons,   and   continue   to   bring   the   Bicycle   Museum experience   to   new   patrons.   But   for   the   time   being,   income   will   be down and expenses increased. We   are   pursuing   some   innovative   strategies   like   possibly   a   second, smaller   'teaser'   venue   in   the   Museum   District   to   maintain   a   presence there   and   to   entice   visitors   to   our   new   location   –   wherever   that   may be. Funding issues we are confronted with: increased rent for museum space additional rent for possible 'teaser' venue reduced museum attendance for an indeterminate length of time moving costs creation of new brochures, signage, etc. to support a destination/location(s) build-out of racks and suspension systems for bikes in storage new/additional security systems new/additional display systems A go fund me page is posted, (the museum website has always had a funding button - www.houstonbicyclemuseum.org). But as much as we need your financial support, we need your body and time. Houston Bicycle Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit recognized by the U.S. IRS. Houston Bicyce Museum
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